Our Concept

Think global buy local!

It is like cooking - Concept means getting new or maximum results by combining different ingredients and actions in a homogeneous receipt– This is what we do! Over the years we build a constant pool of 200-300 locally known israeli designers & producers. To enter this pool the conditions are:

-          Local creativity & originality

-          Local brand

-          Passed quality control by our benchmark system

-          Professional production

-          Trust to have a long-term relationship and not a one-time deal

 We opened Concept Store to develop global concepts through local creativities, innovations and originality. We think and sell global but we buy local. We help very innovative designers and producers who are local heroes to market them, help them with their branding and concept. 

Be touched with your heart by our concepts! It is a win win situation for our customers and designers!
So, concept your life! Concept up!

Your Concept Store team